Apex Non-electric Kitchen Master

Apex Kitchen Master fruit & vegetable Dicer with cutter makes cutting potato, onion, cucumber, carrot, tomato etc very easy for you. It comes with easy to switch , pull down-up locking system. These nicer dicer are provided with a heavy duty thick blade, a heavy duty thin blade and a cleaning comb, that makes vegetable and fruits cutting and cleaning easy. Apex as always presents to you the best quality and smooth cutting.

• Apex Non-electric Kitchen Master • Unbreakable plastic • Dishwasher safe • Cleaning comb for blade • 100 percent stainless steel wire blade Great product for gifting. Country of Origin: BHARAT Grievance officer: Anand Dwivedi 966-779-0872 grievance@hundredplus.in


  • Delivery Period: Within 7-10 days after confirmation of stock availability
  • Return Period: 7 days